What is the Protocol to Ensure Language Rights?

The Protocol is a document in support of the equality of languages to ensure the development of languages in disadvantageous situations, based on the suggestions of social actors and the recommendations of a Scientific Committee, which lists the minimal steps to be considered in order to ensure all persons’ language rights.

The basis: The Barcelona Declaration

The 1996 Universal Declaration of Linguistic Rights was a contribution by civil society in support of language rights. Twenty years on, we have taken a new step forward in Donostia.

Leadership of civil society

This is a project of social actors empowering themselves to draw up an important social charter endorsed by entities of different types.

The process of constitution of the Protocol

Social actors and interested individuals in the linguistic field proposed specific measures in the first half of 2016. After the Scientific Committee compiled these measures, the Organising Committee presented them to social actors for their confirmation. At the end of the process, the Protocol was presented in Donostia in December, 2016.




European and international Non Governmental Associations that deal with human and language rights.