The president of the Corsican Assembly, Jean-Guy Talamoni, informed the press in Aiacciu, accompanied by representatives of Kontseilua

Hosted by the Corsican Territorial Collectivity, Kontseilua representatives have presented the Protocol to Ensure Language Rights to various fora in the Territorial Collectivity: The Committee for Social Development and Culture, the Economic, Social and Cultural Council, and the Youth Assembly.

Paul Bilbao, the general secretary of Kontseilua, emphasised two aspects of the visit. “We must remember,” he said, “that the Protocol is the most participatory process ever carried out by social actors, for there is no other proposal that enjoys so much social support. We should also bear in mind that the Protocol is a specific roadmap which lists steps to ensure the rights of language communities in minority situations.”

Jean-Guy Talamoni, the president of the Corsican Assembly, noted this double value of the Protocol, explaining that some of its measures can be implemented immediately, while it also has political value for presenting arguments to Paris. “The Corsican Territorial Collectivity is going to take it to the Assembly for ratification. This document is very useful for language communities without recognised rights. That is the case of Corsica.”

The members of Kontseilua also met social actors working in the area of Corsican language normalization and had a work session with the organisation Parlemu Corsu to start the process of completing a Protocol Notebook for Corsican.