A Follow-up Committee has been set up in order to monitor the application of the Protocol to Ensure Language Rights after the 17th of December, 2016.

In accordance with the original and essential spirit of the Protocol, the Protocol to Ensure Language Rights Monitoring Committee shall be composed of social entities.

The initial Follow-up Committee will be composed by the members of the Organising Committee responsible for organising the Protocol to Ensure Language Rights. Thereafter the Follow-up Committee itself will determine who the future members will be.

The Follow-up Committee shall perform five main functions:

A – To obtain support for the Protocol from social entities 

The Follow-up Committee shall work to achieve more signatories for the Protocol among pro-language social entities.

B – Implementation of the Protocol in internal policies

The Follow-up Committee shall monitor the requests for implementation of the Protocol by entities of the language communities. The Committee shall provide help for this purpose to coordinate the degree of fulfilment of the Protocol.

C – Coordination and distribution of Tag Books 

When social entities have filled in their Tag Book, they will summit a copy to the Follow-up Committee, which will use the material to assist other language communities to complete their own Tag Book.

D – Institutional recognition of the Protocol 

It shall also monitor the efforts of social entities to achieve recognition of the Protocol by local, district, regional or state institutions. The Follow-up Committee will also maintain an updated list of local, regional and state institutions that give recognition to the Protocol.

E – Legitimisation of the Protocol in international institutions 

The Follow-up Committee shall endeavour continually to obtain legitimisation of the Protocol in international institutions and for it to become a reference document.